HANDS-ON: The UK top quality fake IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 is the sweet upgrade of a winning formula

When new novelties arrive, more often than not consumers are presented with familiar frameworks paired with new dial tones. IWC design language is iconic within the industry, so for me to say this new blue dial fake IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 looks entirely different would be a bit of a stretch. But this is actually great news. The IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 with a blue dial offers everything that has already caused us to fall in love with the brand, but takes the collection into the next generation of watchmaking – including a smaller case diameter, choice of quick change straps, and increased 100 metre depth rating.

The case
The 41mm case is made of stainless steel and utilises a satin-brush finish on almost the entire case. As a luxury replica tool watch, this makes plenty of sense but the sparse hint of mirror polish works really well to elevate the offering and fit it well within what I’d describe as “robust elegance”. The shoulders of the lugs have a polished and tapered bevel that evokes vintage sports designs and the polished pushers and crown add a touch of reflective light play as well. The bezel framing the dial is practically hairline thin, which results in a larger and legible dial that takes up most of the diameter measurement.
The satin polish applied to the front of the case, including the lug hoods, is radial. It creates an interesting texture and aesthetic but has its purpose in utility as well. Sure satin-finished surfaces wear scratches better than their mirror-finished counterparts, but as a Swiss movement copy IWC pilot’s watch if the case is too reflective it would be quite blinding to the eye – especially if situated in a cockpit. The satin brush keeps the surface bright without creating a reflection. The most notable change to the case is its improved water resistance, jumping from 60 to 100 metres. While 50 metres is considered adequate for a pilot’s watch, it is nice to know this beautiful blue chronograph can enjoy the blue waters as much as the blue sky.

The dial
The muted blue dial of IWC replica watch with stainless steel case has a rich sunburst finish that will play well with light, but does so in a manner where, again, you won’t find yourself blinded by a reflection. This ties back to what I mentioned earlier about the case and is a tried and true characteristic of IWC design with legibility always at the forefront. The day-date and chronograph complication is neatly laid out across the dial, with day-date apertures at 3′, elapsed minutes at ’12, elapsed hours at 9′, and running seconds at 6′. The day-date apertures take the place of an Arabic 3 numeral and is situated between IWC Schaffhauusen branding. While it would have been nice to have white on blue discs to match the dial, the black on white discs do ensure the calendar information is easy to read.

The outboard of the dial has a printed hashed minutes track, with the hour indices wider rectangles filled with ample SuperLuminova®. Each rectangle has a corresponding illuminated Arabic numeral, aside from the signature triangle at 12′, day-date calendar at 3′, as well as 6′ and 9′. This ensures the complications laid out within the dial have maximum real estate, again catering to maximum legibility. Each register has a nice concentric guilloche texture, that is both visually pleasing and functional. The contrasting texture from the sunburst makes the information easy for the eye to hone in on quickly. The running seconds register is easily distinguished from the other two thanks to it’s red-filled sub hand – making it abundantly clear it functions differently from the pair of elapsed registers. Each register hand is filled with SuperLuminova®, as well as the diamond-shaped hours and minutes hand – with the central stick seconds hand the only one not to include a luminescent coating.

The straps
The high-end IWC clone watch we went hands on with was paired with a bracelet, but both rubber and leather straps are available as well. I am a known bracelet guy, so I have to say it would be my favourite of the three. For bracelet fans, the good news is it is executed very well aesthetically. The five-piece construction utilises alternating finishes, with three pieces satin brushed and the two framing the central piece mirror polished. Interestingly, the bracelet has a much more elegant aesthetic than the case, with each piece of the link having it’s sides mirror polished. The shoulders of each of the five pieces within a link also have polished shoulder bevels, creating exquisite sparkle and light-play as you do your wrist roll to check the time. The links are secured by screws and the folding twin trigger clasp of the bracelet has a nice solidity where you can feel the tactility of a secure and strong closure.
The rubber and leather straps are nice options as well, both blue straps that take on the signature profile associated with high quality replica IWC pilot’s watches. The leather and rubber share the same profile, where it is wide and then abruptly tapers a little bit as you make your way down towards the buckle. The leather has a contrasting beige stitch while the rubber strap is a monotone blue throughout. At first glance the rubber will even look like a second leather strap, which means you maintain the known pilot’s aesthetic of IWC with the added bonus of being able to fully explore the new 100 metre water resistance of the case.

Regardless of which would be your favorite pairing, the beauty is you don’t really have to make up your mind. Each employ new quick-change technology that has been slowly spreading across Richemont brands, which means you can quickly swap between the three without a watchmaker or strap tools. All you have to do is depress the underside trigger to withdraw the spring bars and remove the strap from the case. Easy peasy.

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If you have seen this programme, you must know “Mr Big”. Chris Noth is his actor. He is also famous for this program and won the nomination of best male supporting role in 2000. He acted as a rich businessman who liked write Kylie. The details can be showed in the video. It is worth mentioning that as a rich man, he also has a great taste. He always wore IWC Pilot fake watches for sale which is used to present his image.

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