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— Blue Replica Watches – a predominant colour in watchmaking ever since the first hands on timepieces emerged – is now to be found for the first time on Louis Moinet’s 20-Second Tempograph.

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Sometimes, the detail of one mechanism changes the whole feel of a piece: decked in blue, the dynamic and contemporary spirit of Louis Moinet’s 20-Second Tempograph really comes to the fore, “mirroring the spirit of Mr Louis Moinet’s (1768 – 1853) timepieces in his day,” enthuses Jean-Marie Schaller, Louis Moinet’s CEO. The Swiss replica watches is by no means blue all over, though. On the dial, blue has been used, sparingly, just on the time-telling components: the seconds hand at 9 o’clock, the legendary 20-second retrograde mechanism between 1 and 2 o’clock, and the hour dial. On the back, the oscillating weight also offers up its guilloché design to receive this new, deep blue décor, resulting in a scintillating interplay of shapes and hues.

The exclusive features of this model include, first and foremost, the caliber itself. Designed and developed by Ateliers Louis Moinet, it has over 260 parts. It has been made all in one piece, with no additional module to house the complication. The latter has been integrated to ensure better technical coherence for this component. The subtle interaction of the cam and the ruby-tipped rack at 8 o’clock is a unique and particularly spectacular sight.

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On the back, the 20 Second Tempograph sports a movement adorned with a circular Côtes de Genève pattern, featuring diamond-cut chamfers and circular satin-finish gears with a 5N gold-toned finish. The timepiece boasts a 48-hour power reserve, as well as a rotor mounted on a high-tech ceramic ball bearing. This technical detail delivers a very practical advantage: improved winding compared to the traditional system.

The new “Deep Blue” 20-Second Tempograph comes in a limited edition of 60 pieces, and will be unveiled as an exclusive feature at the Dubai Fake Watches UK Week.

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