Reproduce The Deep Blue – UK Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon Replica Watches With PF500 Movement

Some shapes are fixed, such as round and square. But there is an oval shape, that the contour can change with purpose. Whether in modern or ancient buildings, oval is both common and unusual, exquisite and low profile.

As the “mysterious master” of the advanced watch-making industry, Parmigiani is good at creating various concept and types watches. The delicate replica Parmigiani Ovale series is one of them,with the design structure that based on the simple geometric shapes, and the line proportion and shape characteristics are not too tough or soft, just between the two.

rose gold case fake Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon watches

The whole design of the rose gold case fake Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon watches is dynamic, that adopting the “three-step” rose gold case, matching the stepped bezel. The processing of the lines is variety, making watches with more individuation.

The hale style also reflected on the dial, and the classic “Geneva corrugated” matching the unique dark blue of Parmigiani. Now, the dark blue has become the new elementsthat would apply in the new works, this unconventional color also has become the unique formula for Parmigiani.

blue dial replica Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon watches

The blue dial copy Parmigiani watches are one of the replica Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe series, and the design inspiration comes from the oval antique pocket watch. It also carries the PF500 movement which is a 30 seconds the tourbillon movement with the power reserve display.