Two Luxury Piaget Fake Watches UK With Jewel Decorations For Ladies

  1. Piaget Possession Copy Watches With Black Satin-Face Straps

There are white gold indexes and hands on the white dial. We can know that their functions are very simple, just showing the time. Their 29mm cases are made of 18k white gold too. The eye-catching feature is the exquisite bezel. Their bezel consists of different delicate jewels. There are eight round diamonds, nine blue sapphires, a green olivine, two paraiba tourmalines, two green tourmalines, six Madagascar garnets and nine pink sapphires in total.

You can imagine the beauty of the elegant Piaget replica watches from colorful bezels. These watches are driven by Cal. 157P, quartz movements made in Switzerland. The details are very brilliant and exquisite, attractive to female customers.

  1. Piaget Dancer Replica Watches With Hand-Wound Mechanical Movements

Their 34 rose gold cases have Cal. 430P inside which are wound up by hand and made in Switzerland. The ultrathin movements with 18 jewels can save about 43-hour power. Their watch lines are simple and soft, filled with retro elements. Their rose gold bracelets of brilliant designs give wearers a comfortable experience.

Their dials are more elegant and noble. Their central hands are made of rose gold and hour markers are sparkling diamonds. What’s more, their bezels are decorated with shiny diamonds too. Piaget Dancer fake watches with silvering dials are waterproof for daily activities. Ladies would like to wear them on formal occasions.