1966 Best Quality UK Replica Patek Philippe Ref. 3459 ‘Disco Volante’

Patek Philippe is more of a traditionalist when it comes to its design language, for instance, take the luxury fake Patek Philippe perpetual calendar ref. 3940 that I declared as my potential Holy Grail two weeks ago. This week, let’s take a look at this curious ref. 3459. It still carries over the elegance that the brand’s dress watches are known for, but the lack of lugs on the four sides creates a mysterious feel. Interestingly, it reminds me of another watch from the same era, the Rolex Zephyr, which is another atypical Rolex design. Perhaps there was something in the air in Switzerland?

This 18k white gold case copy Patek Philippe with a wide-set bezel design evokes the same appeal as the ref. 2552 nicknamed “Disco Volante,” or the flying saucer in Italian. Perhaps the lack of conventional lugs make the watch even more like a floating celestial body. The patina on the silver sunburst dial is just right – that hint of warm champagne hue you want on a vintage piece. The silver dot markers on the outer edge feel like perfectly lined up stars in orbit. I truly appreciate the subtlety of the dual-signed dial on this watch.

The high-end copy Patek Philippe and Arte Suizo signatures just modestly skim over the dial and harmoniously become a part of the dial instead of vying for attention. It’s also a bonus that the watch comes with the original white gold buckle and the certificate stamped by Arte Suizo in 1966.

I respect when a brand thinks outside the box now and then without losing its core design values. The Swiss-made fake watch still reads as a solid Patek Philippe creation, but a little quirkier and just a little different, which makes this watch even more charming in my book. Head on over to the Shop to check it out.

Princess Diana Wearing Two UK Best 1:1 Patek Philippe Replica Watches At Once (1983)

This picture here is my personal favorite. The former and late Princess Diana still has a soft spot in my heart. When I lived in London as a child, I used to see her scoot around town – and she left an impression on me, as she did with so many others.

Here we see her in 1983 wearing not one but two luxury replica watches. The larger belongs to Prince Charles, a brown leather strap fake Patek Philippe Ref. 3445 (Disco Volante). The smaller is a gold copy Patek Philippe Ref. 3618.

The story goes that Di would wear Charles’ watch while he played in his polo matches, so it isn’t unusual to find photos of her wearing both. The gold bracelet replica Patek Philippe 3618 isn’t her only watch either; she previously owned a Cartier Tank (or two) and a Vacheron Constantin. No matter how many she had on at a time, she always wore them effortlessly.