Princess Diana Wearing Two UK Best 1:1 Patek Philippe Replica Watches At Once (1983)

This picture here is my personal favorite. The former and late Princess Diana still has a soft spot in my heart. When I lived in London as a child, I used to see her scoot around town – and she left an impression on me, as she did with so many others.

Here we see her in 1983 wearing not one but two luxury replica watches. The larger belongs to Prince Charles, a brown leather strap fake Patek Philippe Ref. 3445 (Disco Volante). The smaller is a gold copy Patek Philippe Ref. 3618.

The story goes that Di would wear Charles’ watch while he played in his polo matches, so it isn’t unusual to find photos of her wearing both. The gold bracelet replica Patek Philippe 3618 isn’t her only watch either; she previously owned a Cartier Tank (or two) and a Vacheron Constantin. No matter how many she had on at a time, she always wore them effortlessly.